Kiosk Mentor is your trusted advisory source for consumer-direct interfaces (CDI) including kiosks, digital signage and mobile app technology. Kiosk Mentor will save you countless thousands of dollars by helping you negotiate the best quality, pricing and service, eliminating any potential headaches.

Facial recognition, Biometrics, RFID 3D Holographics, LIVE streaming video


Real-Time Reporting, Cloud-based analytics Mutli-touch responsive technology, Remote management



Established in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Kiosk Mentor offers over 20 years of expert consulting, strategic planning and overall program management for consumer-direct interfaces including kiosks, digital signage and mobile apps.

If you know a lot about kiosks and mobile apps or nothing at all, look no further.  Kiosk Mentor is here to provide services in any area of your project including:

Research • Planning • Building • Installing • Managing

Kiosk Mentor will help you identify and secure:

  • Software Vendors
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Regulatory, guideline and safety providers
  • Promotional Marketing and PR Program
  • Field Technical and Support Services
  • Project Management
  • Remote and Call Center Management + More

Let Kiosk Mentor provide you with ALL the pieces- business model, project plan and budget, components you need and which companies would be the best fit. Our long-standing relationships with the best vendor network in the industry will help you get the best pricing and value in the shortest amount of time. Click GET STARTED below to determine how much your project should really cost in order to deliver the best results!




Founder and CEO of Kiosk Mentor, Karla Guarino is a solutions architect with  over 20 years of experience covering a wide range of customer-facing, interactive technology projects including but not limited to kiosks, mobile apps, tablets and digital signage.

Karla has experienced first-hand the ups and downs of an evolving industry based on the need for self-service, especially in today’s age where the expectation for excellent customer service is being challenged by looming overhead costs and decreasing margins.

Since 1993, Karla has honed her knowledge and expertise starting with one of the leaders, Kiosk Information Systems in Louisville, Colorado covering all aspects of kiosk manufacturing including sales, marketing and project management. Expanding her knowledge base for kiosk software and smart touchscreen interfaces, Karla has continued to excel beyond product launches and has been involved with such companies as Wal-Mart, US Bank, FedEx, CVS, Mexicana Airlines and Busch Entertainment including countless government and educational projects, providing tools for ensuring success and operational excellence long into the future.

Karla and her team of experts along with hundreds of contacts in this complex industry make a formidable team to make you more money, save you time, and finally eliminate those sleepless nights.


Whether you know a little or a lot about self-service, you recognize the need for getting your project formulated, designed, built and completed. Take a peek inside the boxes below for some ideas on where to start.

Where Do I Start?
What Do I Get?


“I have an idea…..” great.  Have you done your homework? Great projects require accurate data research, but doesn’t have to take forever. What problem are you trying to solve? Do you want what your competitor has, but better?  With the right data to start with, Kiosk Mentor can help launch your company’s project faster.  Take a peek at a handful of the many self-service concepts either established or emerging:

BillPay, Transaction, Multi-Functional, Check Cashing, Complete Cash Payment Solutions, Policy Purchase and Renewals.

Hospital Wayfinding Directory, Bill-Pay, Check-In, Waiting Room Internet Access, Self-Checkup/Blood Pressure, TV/ Telephone Rental.

Billpay, Information, Wayfinding Directories, Traffic Tickets, Registration Renewal.

Ticketing Kiosks, Transaction Kiosks, Information, Quick-Serve Ordering, Product Vending/Dispensing, Registration, Wayfinding Directory.

Ticketing, Information, Wayfinding Directory, Repair Service Check-in, Freight Check-in.

Check-In, Bill Pay, Stored Value Recharge, Digital Signage, Way Finding Directory, Event Ticketing, Information, History Education.

Bill Pay, Information, Wayfinding, Outdoor Units

Guest Self-checkin/checkout, Wayfinding Directories, Video Walls, Restaurant Self-ordering Stations, Restaurant and Travel Information, Reservations – Restaurants/Spas/Salons/etc., Loyalty Program Enrollment, Local Area Activity Information and Signups.


Help us help you. Not sure where to start? Need a little help, or a lot? Use the form below or call 303-204-6738 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation and go from there. We’re confident you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

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